1. POSTAL ENTRY FORMS should be lodged with the Light Horse Secretary as early as possible and NO LATER THAN the Wednesday 8th April 2020.
ONLINE ENTRIES should be lodged by Wednesday 15th April 2020.
ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THESE DATES and no reminders will be given. Fax and e-mail entries will not be accepted at any time.

2. Thereafter, ALL late entries will only be taken on the day – AT DOUBLE ENTRY FEE.

3. POSTAL ENTRY FORMS should be filled in as clearly as possible, preferably in BLOCK LETTERS.
The name entered under Exhibitor’s Name POSTAL & ONLINE is the one that will be used in the results.

4. COMPLETED POSTAL ENTRY FORMS should be carefully checked and signed by the Exhibitor or their Agent and sent by post to: Light Horse Entries, Ayr County Show, Gibbs Yard Steading, Auchincruive, Ayr KA6 5HW.
Please ensure parents countersign children’s entries.
COMPLETED ONLINE ENTRY will require to be carefully checked with Rules & Regulations of the Association AGREED.

5. ADMISSION TICKET ALLOCATIONS FOR LIGHT HORSE & PONY SECTION: 1 horse – 2 wristbands; 2-4 horses – 3 wristbands; over 4 horses – 5 wristbands.
Additional Admission wristbands can be bought at £ 10.00 per person Saturday ONLY.
NO Wristbands will be required for FRIDAY classes.

6. POSTAL PAYMENT - all entries must be accompanied by the correct amount, cheques or postal orders made payable to AYRSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. No entry will be deemed to be accepted until all entry monies have been paid. COMPETITORS CHEQUES NOT HONOURED BY THE BANK will incur bank charges plus 10% administration charges.
ONLINE ENTRIES PAYMENT – via Pay Pal where an Administration Cost of £2 is added prior to payment.

7. RIGHT RESERVED TO REFUSE ENTRIES. The Show Committee reserves to themselves the right of refusing or cancelling entries from any person.

8. The Committee reserves the right to combine any classes in the event of insufficient entries or split the class in the event of oversubscribed entries.

9. THE AYRSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, neither will the Association be accountable for any accident that may occur to any person attending the Show whether as a visitor, exhibitor or otherwise.

10. The Judge has the FINAL decision on Entry to the Ring.

11. The Ayrshire Agricultural Association will not be held responsible for exhibitors being late for a class.

12. All animals MUST be sound. If in the opinion of the Judge, an animal is considered to be unsound it will be asked to leave the ring.

13. PROTESTS - any protest must be lodged by a person having an interest. The said objections must be lodged in writing with the Secretary at the Show or within seven days of the Show, and must state specifically the grounds of objection, and must be accompanied by a deposit of £100.

14. WEARING OF RIDING HATS - All riders must wear hats that conform to the current BSI standards.

15. DOGS - should be kept on the lead at all times.

16. STABLES – There will be no stabling at Ayr Racecourse for exhibitors this year - a list of private stabling within 25 miles of Ayr can be found on inside back cover of schedule.

17. The Horse Passports (Scotland) Regulations 2005, Amended 2007, replaces the Horse Passport (Scotland) Regulations 2005, and requires all equidae (horses, ponies, donkeys, asses and mules), regardless of age or status, to be accompanied by a passport. Animals born or passports issued, on or after 1 July 2009 must be fitted with a microchip. This would include, without exception, equines used for agricultural purposes, riding ponies, pets, companion animals, hacks, competition animals etc. Foals that are un-weaned and accompanying their dam or foster mare may move to a show without a passport. Passports can be held by the horse owner or keeper but should remain with the horse at all times; in particular, passports must accompany the horse when it is moved.

18. The Organisers retain the right to amend the schedule to facilitate the smooth running of the show.

19. Foul language or abusive behaviour towards people or animals will NOT be tolerated, and will result in expulsion from the Show ground.

20. Competitors are required to take home any rubbish as a matter of courtesy.

21. First aid cover will be available for the duration of the show.

22. A Vet will be available for the duration of the show.

23. No Farrier will be available.

Each Exhibitor will be issued with wristbands, for personal use only, entitling entry to the Showground. Wristbands are not transferable.

Exhibitor Car pass will be sent out with Admission Wristband’s. Lorries or cars not displaying an official pass will be directed by Traffic Police/Security to the Public Car Park.

The Secretary