Exhibitor Information




Dairy Cattle Section

Interbreed Awards - Mr John Montgomerie, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire

Ayrshire/Jersey Cattle Sections – Mr Mark Davis, Devon

Holstein/Red & White Cattle Sections – Mr Samual Wake, Northamptonshire

Calf & Showmanship Classes for All Dairy Breeds – Mr Arwyn Wilson, Carmarthenshire


Beef Cattle Section

Interbreed Awards - Mr Archie MacGregor, Glasgow

Native Cattle Section (Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Belted Galloway, Hereford & AONB) – Miss Kate McCornick, Dumfries & Galloway

Continental Cattle Section (British Simmental, British Blue & AOCB) – Mr Andrew Ewing Jnr, Dumfries & Galloway

Commercial Cattle Section – Mr Martin Barker, Appleby-In-Westmorland

Young Stockpersons "Beef" & YFC Classes – Mr John McCulloch, Castle Douglas

Sheep Section

Interbreed Awards – Mr Keith Campbell, Argyll

Suffolk Sheep Sections – Mr Steven Buckley, Derbyshire

British Charollais & Blue Texel Sheep Sections – Mr Matthew Burleigh, Co Fermanagh

Beltex & Commercial Sheep Sections - Mr Andrew Morton, Stirlingshire

Texel & Border Leicester Sheep Sections – Mr Michael Leggat, Aberdeenshire

Any Other Continental Breed Sheep Section – Mr Kenneth O’Connor, Lanarkshire

Bluefaced Leicester Traditional, Crossing Type & Blackface Sheep Sections – Mr Billy Kerr, Ayrshire

Valais Blacknose Sheep Section – Mr Bruce Goldie, Dumfriesshire

Zwartbles Sheep Section – Mrs Sam Rae, Dumfriesshire

Hampshire Down Sheep Section – Dr J Mark Fletcher, North Yorkshire

Ryeland & AONB Sheep Sections – Ms Janice Milne, Thornhill, Stirling

Young Stockpersons "Sheep" Competition – Mr Ryan O’Neil, Ayrshire


Clydesdale Horses

Mr Peter Black, Cupar

Light Horse & Pony

Ayr County Show 2024 Announcement!


We have a lot of changes to highlight for our 2024 show in the Light Horse & Pony Section:

  • We HAVE NOT been granted RIHS qualifiers for the up and coming show held on Saturday 11th May, and whilst there may be disappointment by this, we see this as a positive and have taken the opportunity to revamp our schedule.
  • We will no longer hold any Friday classes, these classes will be held on Saturday, however we have had to drop two Working Hunter Classes due to time constraints within this ring.
  • Some classes have been moved into different rings and some have been amalgamated; BSPS classes will still be held and are open to both members and non-members of the BSPS – please see timetable & schedule.
  • We have created an additional ring solely for the affiliated Shetland pony sections in which we have added a couple of extra classes; in 2024 we will only hold affiliated classes for the Shetland Pony Sections.
  • In the M&M ring we have moved the novice ridden to before the open ridden and the open class format has been mirrored in the novice section.  We still hold the Silver Medal and as such the in hand classes have remained unaltered.
  • BSPS Working Hunter Pony Section; we have been awarded the Royal Highland Show BSPS Nursery Stakes Qualifier
  • Blair Castle BSPS Scotland WHP Training Stakes we have an additional 60cm class added along with the 70cm & 80cm; we have capped entries to 20 per class as we need to finish this ring before 5pm for the ridden supreme.


We are excited & positive by these changes and look forward to seeing you all on the day.


Riding Horse – Mr Richard Telford & Mr Stuart Ashton, East Lothian

Retrained Racehorses – Mr Richard Telford & Mr Stuart Ashton, East Lothian

Veteran Horse & Pony – Mrs Sue Stockley-Bridges, St. Helens                           

Coloured Horses & Ponies – Mrs Sue Stockley-Bridges, St. Helens

Coloured Horses & Ponies – Ridden – Mrs Sue Stockley-Bridges, St. Helens

BSPS Riding Ponies (Lead Rein & First Ridden) – Mrs Susan Harper, Ayrshire

BSPS Riding Ponies (Novice & Open) – Mrs Susan Harper, Ayrshire & Mrs Morean Hamilton, Ayrshire

Ponies in Hand – Mrs Susan Harper, Ayrshire

Standard Shetland Ponies, Miniature Shetland Ponies & Ridden Shetland Ponies (Affiliated) – Mr K L Adam, Alloa, Clacks

M & M Mini Ridden Section – Mrs Pat Rennie, Stirlingshire

M & M In Hand Silver Medal – Mrs Pat Rennie, Stirlingshire

M & M Novice Ridden – Mrs G Cockbain, Cumbria

M & M Open Ridden – Mrs Pat Rennie, Stirlingshire

Highland Ponies – Mrs G Cockbain, Cumbria

Horses in Hand – Mr Richard Telford & Mr Stuart Ashton, East Lothian

Ridden Hunter – Mr Richard Telford & Mr Stuart Ashton, East Lothian

Working Hunters – Mrs Sue Stockley-Bridges, St. Helens & Mr John Cartner (R), Ayrshire

BSPS Mini WHP – Mrs Phillipa MacInnes, Ayrshire & Mrs Helen Outram, Ayrshire

BSPS WHP – Mrs Phillipa MacInnes, Ayrshire & Mrs Helen Outram, Ayrshire

Blair Castle BSPS Training Stakes – Mrs Phillipa MacInnes, Ayrshire & Mrs Helen Outram, Ayrshire

M & M Working Hunter Ponies – Mrs G Cockbain, Cumbria & Mrs Morean Hamilton, Ayrshire

Course Builder – Mr G Barclay, Falkirk

Announcer – Mrs Pheobe Redman, Ayrshire

Sticks & Crooks


Mr Ian McConchie, 10 Dumyat Road, AlvaClackmannanshire


It is with much regret we advise The Poultry Section at the show won’t go ahead in 2024 due to current restrictions and guidance received.

Trucks & Tractors


Mr Kenny Blair, Truck Plant Services, 125 Abercorn Street, Paisley

British Show Jumping


Chair of Judges – Hilary Scott

Judges – Fiona Rooney & Nadine Warwick

Course Designers – Shaun Sands, Lee Roebuck & Kelly Telfer